About Tanglewood Interiors

At Tanglewood Interiors, we aim to create truly inspiring, harmoniously cherished spaces & homes.

We draw on the bespoke creativity that is ever present in the natural world around us. With this as our guide & inspiration, we draw on the colours, textures, patterns & raw elements of nature to find and create a harmonious balance between our two worlds. Nature and Us.

Brendan Greyling

With a background in Interior Design, Landscaping and Production Design it is safe to say that I have a deep connection with all things aesthetic and tactile.

Colour, texture, optical effects, layout & spatial arrangement are just a few of the elements of design that deeply excite me about living spaces and homes. Then we get to the part that really makes me smile, bringing elements of the natural world into the design process. Nature remains a constant inspiration for me and has a strong presence in my design and work.